Only Jesus Christ can make a gloomy heart be glad
the Only One who can give the best happiness you ever had
He fills the hungry heart to satisfied and full
the Only one who can redeem the sinful soul

Only Jesus Christ can take our sins away
the Only One who can help us through ups and downs in free
He will always say “I forgive you”
the only one who can change a heart to make it new

Only Jesus can comfort you when you need a friend
the only one who stays with you to the end
He is always on duty caring for his sheep
the Only one who loves us so tenderly and deep

Only Jesus Christ can heal a broken hearts
the Only One who shares our sorrows and takes a part
He is the Savior who knows our deepest woes
the Only One who gives victory over all our foes

Only Jesus Christ can dry away our tears
the Only One who calms all our fears
He is always there to strengthen us in times of need
the Only One to follow as he guides and leads

Only Jesus Christ can see the lonesome heart and void
the Only One who can fill it to overjoyed
He is always there to hear our pleadings and request
the Only One who gives perfect peace and rest

Only Jesus Christ can give us perfect satisfaction in this moody world…